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louis vuitton shoes Given the large domestic cotton price difference , the enterprises to adjust product structure, more is the production of polyester products."To be honest , the state to make money , but the side effects are affecting the new cotton price .New Century Supermarket Purchasing Department revealed that most of the domestic pulp mills comes from overseas.Prices of wheat, rice bran into a fuse JadePork milk also call upSince April , Abbott, United States in favor , mercy , such as milk powder have price adjustment , the rate of increase of 5% -10 % , the supermarket said that some brands of milk powder manufacturers began to hair , some brands will continue to follow the trend of increase.If you follow the process to give them all the shipments , worried that they will reject or damaged items , so not only wasted time and lost business.

For this round of milk prices , Liu De Jun City Dairy Association executive vice president , said the price of corn, wheat bran and other agricultural raw materials is the fuse , agricultural prices led to price increases concentrated feed the cows , and finally a direct result of rising price of raw milk , for example, the purchase price before the 3 per pound of raw milk , the purchase price is now around 3.Some business executives told reporters that after the cotton reserves , the quality will be affected , a long time grades will drop, cotton fiber strength will be affected , and will increase the cost of cotton .Also lets have one concern is that the decrease in cotton prices will dampen the enthusiasm of farmers , thereby reducing the yield of cotton spinning enterprises can only choose the procurement cost of imported cotton , cotton accounts for about 70 percent of their overall costs, the use of imported cotton, will allow a substantial increase in business costs , then, the textile industry will be more difficult to survive . louis vuitton palermo pm It is understood that this year Southwest drought , Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan cut cane , bagasse production also fell , causing prices to rise.

louis vuitton ctrol plan Since April this year , when cotton prices began to fall , many textile enterprises are on the sidelines, only use a little , buy a little ." This is the person in charge of Wuhan, a cotton and reporters had a meeting in the first sentence says .Last May, the price of cotton was 17,000 yuan / ton , after six months , cotton prices soared, the price more than 30,000 yuan per ton , to February this year , cotton prices hit 35,000 yuan / ton of records.Now , faced with a large number of users discontinued rear , textile enterprises already entered the high-priced inventory accumulation and downstream orders plummeted distress situation.

The industry reflects neither Chinese cotton market liberalization , without taking price ceiling to be wrong.Insiders said the tissue paper is divided into two main raw materials , one of the original pulp , another from bagasse, wood pulp blend, virgin pulp is generally accounted for about 60% of the proportion of the cost of pulp , bagasse , etc.Deputy General Manager Zhou Xiao Na also reflected , since last year the market has been less optimistic , exports fell by about 6% in the case of weak market prices difficult , and costs are rising all the way , a great challenge for the enterprise , is currently overseas buyers have been in a wait state. louis vuitton ctrol jobs 2012 1 to November , China s textile industry in the EU and Japan , though still import market share of 73.